30 Temmuz 2009

Narcotics board cites success in multilateral drug control

Multilateral drug control should be acknowledged as one of the twentieth century's greatest achievements, according to the President of the International Narcotics Control Board.

Sevil Atasoy addressed her remarks to the UN Economic and Social Council in Geneva, which Thursday held a discussion on issues relating to social development; crime prevention and criminal justice and narcotic drugs.

Sevil Atasoy

Sevil Atasoy

"Over 95 per cent of United Nations Member States, covering 99 per cent of the world's population, have agreed to be bound by the provisions of the conventions. ... Despite the ever-increasing scope of the international drug control system, diversions of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances from the licit to the illicit market are virtually nonexistent."

Among the challenges of containing illicit drug trafficking, Ms. Atasoy, singled out the marked increase in recent years in the smuggling of cocaine consignments from South America through West Africa into Europe. She said the international community should provide Governments in West Africa with all the assistance necessary to address the problem. Another concern, she added is the continued illegal sale of internationally controlled and uncontrolled substances over the Internet.

Bissera Kostova, United Nations Radio.