23 Eylül 2010

Medical-Legal Aspects of Abused Substances: Old And New - Licit And Illicit

Marcelline Burns, Thomas Page

6" x 9", casebound, 248 pages

2006, Lawyers and Judges

Contributors: Sevil Atasoy, Tanil Baskan, Martin Boorman, Nina Emerson, Peter Gerstenzang, Clark John, Sarah Kerrigan, Chuck Matson, Joel Mayer, Morris Odell, Trinka Porrata, Eric Sills, Philip Swann

 “If you regularly handle cases involving substance abuse or need information on newly compounded substances, as well as re-discovered drugs of abuse such as Ecstasy, Meth, PCP, Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate, otherwise know as the "Date Rape Drug", and Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids popular with today’s athletes, this is your reference of choice. It has extensive chapters devoted to the above substances as well as others. The authors discuss the role of law enforcement officers in abused substance cases, double standards in enforcing substance abuse laws, driving under the influence of drugs as opposed to alcohol, and legal and prosecution perspectives regarding this type of case. This book contains much valuable information and is a must for anyone who regularly deals with prosecuting or defending substance abuse cases.
The authors also present case studies of Turkey and Australia’s laws pertaining to abused substances and driving, and how they were developed. This information is particularly valuable to those involved in the creation of substance abuse legislation, here in the US and around the world.”